COVID-19 Protocol

Hire with confidence
Work safe and stay alert Whilst the threat posed by the COVID-19 pandemic remains, it’s essential that we all collaborate, communicate and co-operate in maintaining social distance rules, a sanitised working environment, and implementing necessary procedures to help minimise risk.
It’s imperative that guidelines are communicated and adhered to in order for you to work both efficiently and effectively within our COVID-19 Secure Plan.
Client Contact
  • Reduce numbers of attendees at any given time within facilities supplied.
  • Contact with personnel will be via telephone or video call wherever possible to minimise persons within facilities vicinity.
  • Pre-delivery confirmation that the site is compliant with current COVID-19 requirements will be requested.
  • Maximum facilities sizes and extended platforms will be adopted where possible
  • If an FWL Crew member is required to use the facilities, then on-site production safe procedures will be followed
  • When the work is completed the FWL Crew member will wash or sanitise their hands and all surfaces of facilities supplied
  • All vehicles are thoroughly disinfected before and after every hire
  • No touch paperless daily work sheets used
  • Single use nitrile gloves worn at all times by FWL Crew members
  • All FWL Crew members will regularly wash hands
Dry Hired Equipment
  • We ask production to maintain a two metre safe distance with anyone delivering our facilities
  • Paperless contract – no touch signature online
  • All site personnel to use nitrile single use gloves when working on facility vehicle’s supplied
  • Before and after every hire, vehicles will be sanitised using Quill Supernova solution.
  • All ‘touchpoints’ will be sanitised using Quill Supernova solution
  • Machine cleaning and sanitisation to be recorded by FWL Facilities and signed upon completion
  • If suspected of contact with COVID-19, the vehicle will be quarantined for 72 hours.
  • Returned vehicles will be cleaned before processing for post hire inspection
  • All controls will be sanitised using Quill Supernova solution
  • Vehicle sanitisation will be recorded in vehicle hire notes
  • All production crew will regularly wash hands
  • All machines supplied are sanitised to help reduce the risk of virus spread.
COVID-19 Secure Principles of safe operation
  • Remove the Hazard
  • Daily briefings and updates
  • Arrange task to be conducted by one individual driver
  • Reduce any hazards by implementing planned measures to minimise risk
  • Maintain social distancing
  • Regularly wash hands and common touch surfaces
  • Increase ventilation in enclosed areas
  • Ensure proactive separation on site
  • Retain groups that MUST work together as a stable team (bubbles) if more than 1 FWL Crew member are required on multi hire jobs
  • Do not rotate FWL Crew members
  • Drivers to manage and oversee work areas to ensure regular sanitation is carried out within hired facilities
  • Protect personnel with correct equipment PPE
  • Masks should never be shared
  • Dispose of single use PPE appropriately
  • Select appropriate PPE level for the risk (where social distancing is not possible)